CPIC Blueprint Public-Private Partnership for Marine Protected Areas by Blue Finance

Blue Finance’s objective is to improve the effective management and sustainable financing of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). Blue finance designs and implements public-private partnership agreements to co-manage the MPAs. The Protected Areas will restore crucial marine habitats, improve the tourism attractiveness and create significant job opportunities in tourism, fishery and other blue economy sectors. MPAs will also protect the country from coastal erosion and contribute to a more climate-change resilient economy.

The MPAs will receive major financing for their initial capital expenditures from impact investors. In time, they are expected to be financially sustainable and generate their own incomes from user fees and innovative tourism models.

Blue finance develops impact investment solutions for marine conservation, livelihood improvements and climate change resilience. In Dominican Republic, Blue finance recently structured a co-management agreement for one of the largest MPA in the Caribbean (8000 km2). The MPA will be financed and managed through new investment models and funding streams without an increase in public investment. 5 other projects in the Caribbean and SE Asia contribute to the sustainable use of more than 9,000km2 of coral reefs, the livelihood enhancement of 64,000 households and climate change resilience (SDGs nº14, 1, 5, 8 and 13).

This Blueprint will share the lessons learnt in the development of this initiative.