CPIC Blueprint Cocoa Smallholder Renovation & Rehabilitation

Cocoa is a key commodity to the economies of Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana who are responsible for 70% of the world production. Cocoa is cultivated by smallholders who struggle with low productivity as the result of aging tree stocks, soil deterioration and the spread of diseases like the swollen shoot virus. About 1.4 million ha of cocoa need to be replanted because of being overaged or diseased; while climate change requires the adoption of new practices.

Investing in smallholder cocoa farm renovation and rehabilitation (R&R) using climate smart practices can help increase cocoa productivity on agricultural lands, reduce greenhouse-gas emissions, and increase climate resilience while improving income and farmer livelihoods.

This blueprint includes 1) a value-chain finance approach to unlock smallholder finance through on-the-ground cocoa operators and a case study illustrating its implementation at small scale, 2) an assessment of investment needs at the scale of an project involving 10,000 farmers and ultimately at the scale of Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana, and 3) a proposed R&R Fund structure and a phased-approach to transition from financing through on-the-ground operators to financing through local financial institutions. For further details please read the full Blueprint.