With so much happening in conservation finance and information about it mushrooming in all corners of the mediasphere, CPIC plans to create a dedicated, annual report that will provide consistent updates on the state of the conservation finance market.

This report will be especially valuable for investors to better understand how and how much their peers are investing in nature, as well as the barriers and promising finance models to invest in conservation. Ultimately, it aims to increase the interest of the private sector in channelling funds into nature – a win-win for all.

To make this report the best possible knowledge asset on conservation finance, we need your help!

This is how you can support CPIC’s effort:

  • Contact Juliette Baralon from CPIC’s platform coordinator, South Pole, at j.baralon@southpole.com if you have an innovative conservation finance case study that you would like to feature in the report. We want to cover all geographies, ecosystems and instrument types – so please get in touch!
  • Co-fund the research, development and dissemination of the final report. You can discuss engagement options with the CPIC Secretariat at info@cpicfinance.com