Green Infrastructure for Watershed Management

CPIC’s Green Infrastructure for Watershed Management Working Group aims to develop financial vehicles to attract private capital to projects and companies that contribute to restoration of wetlands and rivers. Healthy freshwater ecosystems are vital for climate resilient societies. At the same time there is currently a 0.7 billion/year investment gap in water related infrastructure, grey and green. The working group will develop financial structure blueprints for projects and companies that involve or restore green infrastructure resulting in better stormwater management for cities, drought reduction, flood protection, improvement of water quality and/or better access and supply for drinking water, irrigation, industry and energy.

The working group is led by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). 

Guarantee-backed lending for clean textile production

The garment industry uses a vast amount of water and chemicals throughout the dyeing and finishing processes. This blueprint, piloted in Turkey, contributes to the conservation and enhancement of freshwater and biodiversity in textile-producing regions. It provides purchase guarantees from clothing brands to garment manufacturers, enabling them to implement energy efficiency measures with both environmental and financial benefits.

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