Forest Landscape Conservation and Restoration

CPIC’s Forest Landscape Conservation and Restoration Working Group seeks to develop investment models for forest landscapes that aggregate multiple revenue streams including sustainable timber harvests, hunting leases, carbon credits and usage fees. Through capturing cash flows from the sustainable use of forest landscapes, the Working Group seeks to attract private investment capital to create both positive conservation and financial outcomes.

The working group is led by the European Investment Bank (EIB). For more information, please send an email to

Forest land acquisition for sustainable land management

Investments in sustainable forestry typically aim to conserve and sustainably manage existing forest tracts or restore degraded land. Cashflows come from sustainable harvesting, payment for ecosystem services, land appreciation, land preservation tax credits, the sale of land rights, and other fees, such as hunting or fishing. This model is innovative because of the institutionalization of the investment vehicles: it provides a viable investment strategy for commercial institutional investors, including pensions and insurance companies.

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